1. Magnetic eyelashes: types and features
  2. Pros and cons of magnetic gaze
  3. How to properly apply, remove and use lashes with magnets
  4. Magnetic eyelashes: before and after photos

Modeling the look with artificial eyelashes allows the fair sex to correct aesthetic defects in appearance and enhance the natural beauty of the look. Many girls regularly resort to the extension procedure, but not all ladies can enhance their attractiveness in this way. Some are not allowed by their state of health, others are frightened off by a weighty price, and still others do not want to stay in the same image for a long time. An alternative to the classic extension (both long-term and one-time gluing of artificial hairs) has become the latest novelties of the lash industry – magnetic eyelashes . Today we will tell you about the features of these beauty accessories and teach you how to apply and remove them correctly.

what are magnetic eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes: types and features

If you love spectacular and beautiful eye makeup, want to look attractive and irresistible every day, but cannot boast of natural beauty, eyelashes on a ribbon with magnets are created just for you! This affordable, lightweight, and safe alternative to artificial polymer or silicone eyelash extensions was introduced in America. The author of magnetic eyelashes is the owner of One Two, Keti Stoka. The girl has created a new type of eye enhancement, in which safe and high-quality materials do not need to be fixed with glue or resort to tedious (and not always traumatic) reclining on the lashmaker’s couch.

What are magnetic eyelashes?

These are already familiar to us overhead ribbons of artificial hairs attached to a fishing line or ribbon. Magnetic eyelashes use a beam method of fixing the material on the tape. When applied to natural lashes, they create delightful volume, thickness and a special velvet look. The essence of the method is that two rows of artificial hairs are attached to each row of your own cilia from above and below with magnets.

Such a short-term extension method does not adversely affect the condition of the native hairs, it allows girls, independently, at home, to experiment with the length, shape and bend of artificial cilia. At the same time, the beauty does not need to attend lashmaker courses, worry about the health of eyes and natural eyelashes, wonder if the glue used is safe, and also observerestrictions on wearing artificial eyelashes and makeup with them .

how to choose magnetic eyelashes

Over time, various cosmetic brands have taken up this popular idea of ​​making a luxurious look a reality in minutes, releasing their versions of magnetic false eyelashes. They differ in the quality of the materials, the presence or absence of the need to resort to additional fixation with glue, the visual effect (bending, density, the location of the eyelashes on the tape), as well as the number of fixing magnets (from 1 to 3 on the tape).

How to choose the right product for you?

Manufacturers have released three main types of magnetic eyelashes :
1. For natural makeup. These are short cilia that do not require tinting and curling your own hairs before applying them;
2. Long magnetic tapes. Designed for those who prefer the “fan” up to the eyebrows (doll look);
3. Volumetric magnetic eyelashes. Create drama before your eyes (wide-eyed effect).

When choosing one or another option for yourself, you should focus on the type of makeup that you prefer, as well as what image you plan to wear. Based on this, you need to choose the density of cilia that is optimal for you. It is also worth considering the number of magnets on the tape, the more there are, the more firmly the tape is fixed on the eyelid (however, the heavier the total weight of the artificial eyelashes).

Of course, you still need some training in handling magnetic eyelashes. However, all the hardships of taming a new type of accessory are more than offset by their significant advantages over the previous type of improvement in your look. Let’s consider the pros and cons of magnetic cilia according to the reviews of the ladies who have already tested the novelties.

How to apply magnetic eyelashes?

Pros and cons of magnetic gaze

How did you manage to conquer the eyelashes on magnets to the female audience spoiled by novelties? Will they be the best way to make your look more expressive? As follows from the reviews of ordinary customers and professional makeup artists, magnetic lashes have the following advantages :

  • Made of high quality, safe, wear resistant, dermatologically tested material. They do not cause allergic reactions;
  • The magnets that fix eyelashes are safe for eye health (unlike glue, they do not provoke redness and tearing of the eyes, irritation and itching of the eyelid mucosa);
  • With careful and correct handling, they can be used repeatedly and operated for 3-4 months;
  • Magnetic eyelashes are suitable for any eye shape and the length of your own eyelashes. Thanks to the power of the clamps, the accessories securely and firmly hold even on short hairs, providing a splendid and voluminous look;
  • Magnetic eyelash makeup does not limit your mobility. You can lead a familiar way of life (actively play sports, swim and dance, etc.) without worrying that the magnets can disengage and fly off the century;
  • After removing magnetic eyelashes, you will not see any damage in your own eyelash row (they do not provoke eyelash falls, they do not leave bald spots, natural eyelashes do not bend or break from contact with magnetic ones);

Types of magnetic eyelashes

  • Magnetic modeling of the look looks natural and natural, but with an expressive (not excessive!) Build-up effect;
  • Comfortable wearing on the eyes (the weight of the cilia is only 2.5 grams, it is not heavier than several layers of volumetric decorative mascara). Unlike mascara, with magnetic tapes you are not threatened with shedding, spreading over the eyelid, getting into the eyes in a strong wind, etc.;
  • Ease of use. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on tedious gluing, long-term correction of application blemishes. Even if the selected models are too long or give too much a puppet look, they can be easily trimmed to the eyelid length by adjusting the length with nail scissors . In this case, the entire ribbon of hairs does not suffer;
  • Financial affordability. In addition to the fact that magnetic eyelashes are significantly cheaper than the total cost of extension, or self-gluing eyelashes at home, you save a lot when using them. No glue, no modeling accessories , no special mascaras for artificial eyelashes, no debonders for removing eyelash extensions are needed ;
  • You are free to apply and remove magnetic lashes whenever you want. They will always be with you in a box that reliably protects them from dust, dirt and breakdowns, will easily fit in your purse, require only plastic tweezers for application and an ordinary mirror.

Benefits of using eyelashes with magnets

As you already understood, the magnetic transformation process takes place as easily, quickly and without the slightest damage to the eyes. But in fairness, we also note the disadvantages mentioned by the girls who tested the eyelashes. These include the following:

  • Even with very high product quality, magnets loosen their grip over time. This is also due to their regular use. You will have to purchase a new kit and dispose of the old one;
  • Models with one magnet are guilty of the fact that the ends of the tape stick out a little along the edges of the eyelid. This can be solved by cutting the tape, or by additionally folding the tape with tweezers (for better fit to the eyelid). Masters also advise to “secure” such cilia with glue, which makes them no longer so easy to remove;
  • For those who are not accustomed to long-term wearing of artificial eyelashes, daily wear of magnetic ones will be somewhat onerous. You shouldn’t wear these lashes for more than 8 hours a day, your eyelids should get used to the weight of the magnets. Before make-up with them becomes comfortable for you, it is worth limiting the scope of their application to images for a special occasion and wearing only a couple of hours, no more than 2-3 times a week;
  • Accessories with magnets are still more expensive than analogs, which are fixed on the eyelid with glue. Ordinary tweezers will not work with them (they will stick to magnets), and not all girls will be able to get used to it and apply beautifully and aesthetically the first time;
  • It is still impossible to completely abandon the curler for curling the cilia . If you do not have jet-black, long and thick eyelashes, they will not be visible without curling due to magnetic eyelashes;
  • Dyeing magnetic eyelashes with mascara is impractical. Decorative cosmetics can reduce the quality of the adhesion of magnets to each other, as well as negatively affect the quality of artificial hairs.

How to Choose Magnetic Eyelashes?

If, after weighing all the pros and cons, you are firmly sure that you cannot deny yourself the pleasure of having thick, elastic, long and fluffy eyelashes, let’s learn how to apply and remove magnetic eyelashes correctly.

How to properly apply, remove and use lashes with magnets

We mentioned above that magnetic false eyelashes are fixed without the use of chemicals. They are not afraid of finger touch, fix faster than you paint cilia with mascara, look more voluminous and more effective than curled and dyed natural eyelashes. In order to fully enjoy all the advantages of magnetic cilia, you need to learn how to stick them correctly.

Consider the step-by-step process of gluing magnetic eyelashes:

  • Before applying the eyelashes, wash your hands, make sure that the eyelashes are not damaged, there is no dust build-up (to avoid eye irritation). The cleanliness of hands must be monitored until the end of the application process;
  • Detach the cilia from the box backing and arrange them in pairs for each eye;
  • Using plastic tweezers, grab one strip of hairs on the tape in each hand. Place the eyelashes as close to the eyelid mucosa as possible along the edge of the growth of your own eyelashes with light movements. First apply the tape under natural lashes, then on top of the lash line. Repeat on the second eye. If you prefer differently, you can change the order of the stacking of the material. Remember that magnetic eyelashes are applied only to the upper eyelid;
  • Try to connect the magnetic strips as even and close as possible and align the halves. In this case, the effect will be softer and more natural, and your own eyelashes will neatly hide between the artificial ones;
  • Complete your look with a dainty arrow or thin upper eyeliner for a glossy finish. So you visually hide the shine of the fishing line (tape) on the eyelid and give the look sensuality and expressiveness.

how to use magnetic eyelashes

If the tape with the magnets does not lie flat enough the first time, it is very easy to unhook the magnets and repeat the application procedure. To do this, you need to break the magnetic field by gently rubbing the bundles of cilia against each other and slightly pulling them in different directions. The coupling of the magnets will be disrupted, and the magnetic volume can be carefully removed from the eyes without damaging the natural vegetation.

Having mastered the procedure for using magnetic eyelashes, do not forget to follow also some important recommendations for their storage and use of decorative cosmetics . In particular, master lashmakers advise:

  • always store accessories in a hermetically sealed box to avoid the smallest particles of dust and dirt;
  • do not take the cilia with bare hands, so that sweat particles from the fingertips do not remain on them (and, accordingly, bacteria do not multiply);
  • do not forget to clean the cilia after use with a gentle cleanser (or micellar water without oils);
  • attach the magnetic hairs after the mascara has completely dried on natural eyelashes (after waiting at least 10 minutes) so that the cosmetics do not leave marks on the artificial material;
  • practice regularly applying magnetic eyelashes. Then each time you will spend less and less time on modeling the look and will be able to fix them perfectly, avoiding negative emotions.

what do magnetic eyelashes look like

Like any novelty, magnetic eyelashes cause some difficulties for the first time in applying and selecting options that suit exactly your type of appearance. However, getting used to them, choosing quality materials, you can fully appreciate all the benefits of the magnetic gaze. With such beauty accessories your eyes will become charming and captivating, the time for creating bright and expressive makeup will be reduced, your dream of long and beautiful eyelashes will come true!

Magnetic eyelashes: before and after photos

What does the look transformed by magnetic eyelashes look like? We invite you to admire the visual demonstration of the effect in the photographs “before” and “after” the application of the cilia on the magnetic tape.