Are magnetic lashes safe? Many people are interested in knowing if they should apply magnetic products on their eyes to keep them from losing their eyelashes. Magnetic lashes have become popular among many women, especially in the recent years. However, some eye doctors do not recommend this type of lash extension because they claim it is not safe. According to some eye doctors all kinds of eyelash extensions are not safe, and magnetic lashes are no exception. According to the eye experts in all types of eyelash extensions are unsafe to wear on the eyelashes and hence, you should avoid wearing them.

It is very important for people to keep in mind that eyelash extensions are not suitable for everyone. If you are allergic to glue or the glue used on these eyelash extensions then you should definitely avoid wearing them. However, there are some other factors that will determine whether or not you should wear magnetic eyelash extensions. The type of natural eyelash growth you have is one of the major factors which will determine whether or not you should wear these kind of extensions. If your natural eyelash growth is good then you will be able to wear this kind of eyelash extension.

If you have long eyelashes and if you have been wearing eyelash extensions for a long time then wearing these kinds of eyelash extensions can damage your natural eyelashes. One of the reasons why many women do not wear eyelash extensions is because they do not want to damage their natural eyelashes. This is because wearing artificial eyelashes can cause temporary loss of natural eyelashes, and thus you should take precautions. If you are allergic to eyelash extensions then it would be better to take your time to check whether or not you are allergic to glue. However, if you are not then you should buy a good eyelash extension from a reliable company and you can easily install it on your eyelashes.